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I want to learn complete and authoritative knowledge about charset and encoding.

That's better that it can provide:

  • the orgin,
  • the history,
  • the standards of charset/encoding,

and also include some specific application/support fields,

such as

  1. languages(java, c/c++, javascript, flash..),
  2. web(html, http..),
  3. database(db encoding, collation, IBM codepage...),
  4. mainframe(EBCDIC..)

Who can give a book list about that.

so long to find this book.

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The best one which I found on the subject is- The Unicode Standard : Worldwide Character Encoding. By, Unicode foundation itself, currently in its version 5 is an exhaustive research on subject.


Though, you may want to check other previous versions as well.

Other books on Unicode:

  • Unicode Demystified -by Richard Gillam
  • Unicode Explained -by Jukka Korpeta
  • Fonts and Encoding
  • CJKV Information Processing.

Most of them can be found HERE.

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