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Is it possible to replicate this kind of specific sql ordering in the django ORM:

order by


    when id = 5 then 1

    when id = 2 then 2

    when id = 3 then 3

    when id = 1 then 4

    when id = 4 then 5

end) asc


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You could do it w/ extra() or more plain raw(), but they can not work well w/ more complex situation.

qs.extra(select={'o':'(case when id=5 then 1 when id=2 then 2 when id=3 then 3 when id=1 then 4 when id=4 then 5 end)', order_by='o'}

YourModel.raw('select ... order by (case ...)')

For your code, condition set is very limited, you could sort in Python easily.

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Since Django 1.8 you have Conditional Expressions so using extra is not necessary anymore.

from django.db.models import Case, When, Value, IntegerField

        When(id=5, then=Value(1)),
        When(id=2, then=Value(2)),
        When(id=3, then=Value(3)),
        When(id=1, then=Value(4)),
        When(id=4, then=Value(5)),
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very neat answer! – Joe Cheng May 3 at 5:47

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