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I have recently (since yesterday) started using highcharts. I am using an area plot for the series. I have enabled the the cross-hair and set its zIndex larger such that it is visible above the plot area. But, another problem arose here. The marker (I used a circle here), is behind the cross-hair. I mean the sequence now is (plot->marker->cross-hair).

Now, what I want is (plot->cross-hair->marker). Is this even possible at all? If yes, what all do I have to do?

Below is a image scenario of the situation at hand. Please do correct me, if I am wrong anywhere.

enter image description here

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Take a look at a complete example:

All you have to do is set the crosshairs

tooltip: {
  crosshairs: [true, true]

and marker width

plotOptions: {
  area: {
    marker: {
      enabled: false,
      symbol: 'circle',
      radius: 6,
      states: {
        hover: {
          enabled: true
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