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When I use $.getScript the variables in the main javascript file cannot pass to included js file. For example:

var tVar = 'Hello World!';
$.getScript('js/setting.js', function() {
    // My callback code



How can I pass variables to included file?

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May be use a function inside your included js file and pass variable as arguement to that function.

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The loaded script can only access global variables.

You've got two options:

  1. Temporary create a global variable.
  2. Call the injected function from within the callback.

Code for method 1:

var tVar = 'Hello World!';
window.get_tVar = function() {
    delete window.get_tVar; // Clean-up
    return tVar;
// In settings.js:
function logic() {
    var tVar = window.get_tVar();

Code for method 2:

var tVar = 'Hello World!';
$.getScript('js/setting.js', function() {

// In settings.js:
function newGlobalFunc(tVar) {
    // Do something
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Well, to be honest I don't know why more people don't do this, but here's what I do

// settings.js

var com = {};
com.example = {};    

( function( $ ) {

    com.example.Main = function(){
        var private = {};
        var public = {};

        public.initialize = function( myVar ){
            alert( myVar );

        return public;

})( jQuery );

// main 
var myVar = 'Hello World!';
$.getScript('js/setting.js', function() {
    com.example.Main.initialize( myVar );
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