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How do i update my records in google app engine?

I have my model with the following fields

doc_no = db.IntegerProperty()
title = db.StringProperty()
level = db.StringProperty()

What i want is to update the fields title and level, but i want to access the properties/attributes via a string like JavaScript objects i.e

if i do a select to the model

myRecord = db.GQLQuery('Select * from MyModelAbove where doc_no = 1')

Is it possible to access and update the properties like this;

myRecord['title']='New Tile'

The one i have seen is this(not working for me);

myRecord.title = 'New Title'

NB: By the way google documentation is very scanty on this area

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In what way is myRecord.title = 'New Title' not working? (For dealing with properties given a string name, look into setattr and getattr, although unless you're being passed in the attribute names as strings from other code, this generally starts to look ugly. –  Wooble Apr 26 '12 at 11:40
It's also a code smell that you might be doing something very dangerous, like letting users control what fields are read and written directly. –  Nick Johnson Apr 27 '12 at 3:52

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In your code sample, myRecords is a query. You must get the result before any modification:

result = myRecords.get()

Then, if you can't or don't want to access the title property with result.title, you could use setattr(result, 'title', 'New Title') then result.put()

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