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I have an application that communicates with a WCF. the WCF messages are represented in DTO classes.

to get the data from WCF I have to translate the DTO messages to a View DTO classes in order to be viewed in the application.

I remember there was an entity translation service at MSDN

but now the article says that the content is retired and moved to Web Service Software Factory.

I searched for the same service in WSSF but with no luck. is there a new replacement for this service ??? or is there a better implementation for the Entity Translation Service ??

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I'm using the Glue library for entity mapping in my project. AutoMapper and enter link description here are some other popular libraries you can use.

Glue doesn't handle subclass mapping yet; but I prefer it over AutoMapper (which can map subclasses correctly). The way AutoMapper handles its configuration is too black-box like and error prone IMHO.

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Actually I'm aware of AutoMapper, ValueInjecter, but do these libraries considered as Entity Translation Service ?? which means I don't need to use the code of Microsoft's entity translation service if I use them, right? – Nour Sabouny Apr 26 '12 at 10:00

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