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Specifically, I am trying to build a Datomic ( jar with dependencies so that I can experiment with it in the Jython REPL.

Datomic is not distributed on Maven, but you can download and install Datomic into your local Maven repo like this:

mvn install:install-file 

But I need it as single jar with its dependencies so I can put it in my classpath and use it from the Jython REPL.

mvn assembly:single builds a jar with dependencies, but it doesn't include the Datomic jar, presumably because it's a local file.

How do you include a local jar when doing mvn assembly:single?

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I think you will be better off with the Maven Shade Plugin:

This will allow you to create a single über-jar, which will contain both your own classes as well as dependencies.

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Thanks Nils -- that worked! – espeed Apr 26 '12 at 10:46

It doesn't matter if the jar is installed locally, as long as you add the jar file to your project's pom.xml file (dependencies section):

  ... ...

Check out Maven Assembly Plugin docum jar-with-dependency:

Use jar-with-dependencies as the descriptorRef of your assembly-plugin configuration in order to create a JAR which contains the binary output of your project, along its the unpacked dependencies. This built-in descriptor produces an assembly with the classifier jar-with-dependencies using the JAR archive format.

Note that jar-with-dependencies provides only basic support for uber-jars. For more control, use the Maven Shade Plugin.

Sample pom.xml:

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