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Openoffice writer has a set of navigation buttons (up, select, down) shown below the vertical scrollbar.

  • I wish to remove this as my app is kiosk software.
  • I only wish to remove the navigation buttons, not the scrollbar.
  • I'm trying to remove/hide these programmatically using the Java UNO bindings. However if there is a solution because of the nature of UNO it should be possible in any language.
  • I'm using openoffice 3.3.0

Navigation button

Things I've tried:

  • View settings: The scrollbar can be hidden by setting the property ("ShowVertRuler", false) from the view settings obtained via XTextDocument => CurrentController => XViewSettingsSupplier => XViewSettings. No similar property exists for the navigation buttons. Interestingly hiding the scrollbar also hides the navigation buttons implying it is all one widget??

  • XUIElement access: I've removed other elements like toolbars by obtaining the XLayoutManager via XFrame, iterating over the list of XUIElement and calling XLayoutManager.hideElement() with the ResourceURL for the XUIElement.

  • XAccessible access: I have found examples of how to get the scrollbar value by getting an XAccessible reference. See this thread. However it only seems possible to set/get model values using XAccessible, and not affect visibility.

  • Looking at documentation for UNO and much googling.

I'm only after a pointer in the right direction in terms of the API. I can write any code necessary myself.

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Handling navigation buttons in openoffice Navigation Panel – Sachin Mhetre May 7 '12 at 9:25
this open office source code. Source code manually you have to remove from source code recompile – Ankur Loriya May 7 '12 at 9:26
Try this link, it might be of some help.… – pravin May 7 '12 at 10:38

As Openoffice is a free software, you can access the source code and remove the line which displays the navigation button to create a customized version of Openoffice without this button.

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