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I want to count the total no of records found under a group and according to that i need to assign reduction percentages.

In Detail,

  • if a user got less than 3 products he ll get 10%
  • if a user got 4-10 products he ll get 15%
  • if he got 10-20 products he ll get 20% as deduction

For example consider the following as a crystal report:

User 1
Product        Deduction
Apple              15 %
Orange           15 %
Lemon            15 %
Strawberry      15 %
Grapes           15 %

Here i made a count of records in this group using running total and worte a formula. Depends on the count its ll make the deductions
But the problem in getting is, I'm getting the following output...

User 1
Product        Deduction
Apple              10 %    // Since count is 1
Orange           10 %    // Since count is 2
Lemon            10 %    // Since count is 3
Strawberry      15 %    // Since count is 4
Grapes           15 %    // Since count is 5

I wanna make all products deduction as 15 % if the total no of records are 4-15. Here the total no of products is 5 its in the range of 4-15 so all the product should have the deduction as 15 %.
Please help me out to solve this?

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You don't need a running-total field (RT) for a simple count; use a summary field instead. The summary field can be used in the group's header and footer (a RT can only be used in the footer).

Select a field (preferably a unique field), then select Insert | Summary Field... Choose Count or Distinct Count from the picklist.

You can use this summary in a formula as well:

//Assumes there is a group on {table.fruit_name}):
SELECT Count({table.key_field}, {table.fruit_name})
CASE 1 to 3: .1
CASE 4 to 5: .15
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If this worked for you, please mark the question as answered. Thanks. –  craig Apr 26 '12 at 15:53
Thx a lot ! It works very fine and me too figured it out, and this is the right answer... I have furthur doubt in this report :( –  Hariharan Anbazhagan Apr 27 '12 at 5:23
I wrote a formula "final_amt", this is generated after deducting the deduction% from the gross amount. I get final_amt for all the fruits. How I can sum all those final_amt? since formula cant be summarized is there any other way to sum it?? –  Hariharan Anbazhagan Apr 27 '12 at 5:28
Create a formula field for each fruit that segments the amount. For example: If {table.fruit_type}='Apple' Then {table.amount}... Then add a summarized field for each formula field. Finally, create another set of formula fields (one for each fruit) that calculates the difference between the summary and the discount. –  craig Apr 27 '12 at 12:11

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