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i have an HTML element like so:

<span id="myspan" ondblclick="edit(this)">Text to be edited</span>

how can i bind the same kind of handler -> edit(this)

to the ondblclick event through javascript? I want something like whats below;

function someMethod(){
   var span = document.getElementById("myspan");

   span.ondblclick = edit(span); // This line doesn't work...


Thanks alot for the help


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It doesn't work because you are assigning the result of that function to the dbclick handler. Try this instead;

span.ondblclick = function() {

Or you can do

span.ondblclick = edit;

but you need to change your edit function

function edit(event) {
    var span =;
    // do your stuff

That way you target the clicked element.

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thanks for your suggestions. I went with the 1st one. I tried the 2nd one but the thing is i need to pass the 'span' as a parameter. can't use the 3rd option since i can't change the edit function. thanks alot:) – Nandun Apr 26 '12 at 10:41

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