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I have a column with a string in it, and due to a bug some of the string values are wrong. So I want to fix the strings by taking the original string and concatenating information from a select to it. Ideally it would be something like:

UPDATE table as t
SET t.string = SELECT CONCAT(t.string, 
                             (SELECT fix FROM othertable where id=t.id )

But of course, I can't do that using concat. I have to say I've not got very far with any other method.
Anyone have an ideas?

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If the subquery is guaranteed to return just one value, you could simply drop the SELECT keyword before CONCAT:

UPDATE table as t
SET t.string = CONCAT(t.string, 
                      (SELECT fix FROM othertable where id=t.id)

If the subquery may return more than one value, a quick fix could be to apply GROUP_CONCAT like this:

UPDATE table as t
SET t.string = CONCAT(t.string, 
                      (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(fix) FROM othertable where id=t.id)
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Excellent, thanks this worked a treat. –  mark May 8 '12 at 15:20

try the below:

table as t

othertable as o

t.id = o.id

t.string = CONCAT(t.string, o.fix)

note that in MySQL (as above) it's sort of different than MSSQL which doesn't use the keyword FROM.

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