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I want to run two websites on same system (localhost@8080 and localhost@4040) So I configured dispatcher.any in apache2 so above can be fulfilled. But i am having trouble in fetching data from localhost:8080 render farm. My apache is not able to connect to render farm. In logs, i am getting

[Thu Apr 26 05:23:55 2012] [E] [4056(1488)] Unable to connect to render rend01 (localhost:8080): Connection refused. [Thu Apr 26 05:23:55 2012] [E] [4056(1488)] no valid render found

and my browser is showing 502 error bad gateway. I don't know what is happening ?

My second server(localhost@4040) is running perfectly fine. If anybody has any idea about this then please help

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Is there anything listening on port 8080? (The message indicates the opposite). Try netstat -an | grep LISTEN if you're on linux – MartinK Apr 26 '12 at 10:46
Thanks MartinK..Actually my tomcat server was hosted on 8080 port. – blunderboy Apr 26 '12 at 11:00
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Solved the problem. It was some syntax mistake and i still could not find the reason. I am posting answer here because it will definitely help gonna someone else later.

While providing render farms as localhost, I was using

/hostname: "localhost"

/port: "8080"

Above syntax has mistakes actually. When i replaced "localhost" to it worked. So correct syntax is


/port: "8080"

It fixed the problem. :)

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