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I need to show a string like value='dummy' inside a input type=text . Which is the correct way to do it? If i use <input type=text value='+escape(str)+"'> i get value%3D%27dummy%27 , if i don't escape i do not see anything after the first quote. I would like to see the string in correct way

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You need to use unescape in this case, try

'<input type="text" value="'+unescape(str)+'">'


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thanks very much ! –  Cris Apr 26 '12 at 12:12

I suggest you don't use string to define the value. Instead, select the DOM element, and set its value.

// Provided you select your input in the "input" variable
input.value = str

This way, you don't have to bother with escaping/unescaping.

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    <input type='text' value="value='dummy'">   </input>

edit : sorry I realized this is not what you want, see gillesc answer

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If your value is surrounded by single quotes then:

"<input type='text' value='"+"John's".replace(/'/igm,"&apos;")+"' />";

If your value is surrounded by double quotes then:

'<input type="text" value="'+'"one two"'.replace(/"/igm,"&quot;")+'" />';

If you're not sure:

'<input type="text" value="'+'"one two Jon\'s"'.replace(/"/igm,"&quot;").
   replace(/'/igm,"&apos;")+'" />';
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