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i am working on an application that works with an array of async calculations.

heres how the job cerated:

    List<F.Promise<PredictionCalculator>> promises = new ArrayList<F.Promise<PredictionCalculator>>();
    predictWithJobResult pj = new predictWithJobResult(parameter).now;

i do this for n number of times, and after adding jobs to the queue, i execure this code:


so jobs are starting to run, my problem is, this job is running on every 60mins. so if there is a job already running with "x" parameter, it has to skip adding this job into the queue again.

So my question is, how can i query running jobs and their parameters? is it possible?

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Why not build a running job queue object (Singleton) which you can query in which jobs check for their paramaters on the queue before running, add themselves while running, and remove themselves when finished.

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that might be a good point, but i am also wondering if we can get what jobs are running with "play status" command, cant we also be able to get that info with code ? –  dreampowder Apr 26 '12 at 14:26
One thing to be weary of: Play is stateless. If you spin up multiple servers this will pose an issue regarding checking if a job is already running. Unfortunately, a better approach would be adding entries to your DB. –  seePatCode Sep 26 '12 at 17:54

There is no easy way to get the Job from the Promise. What you can do is use a Map,predictWithJobResult> instead of a list to store you promises and use this map to lookup your job from your promise

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