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I am new to cake php.I have to enter multiple city id in a database with comma separator like 10,11,12 where 10,11,12 is city id

When I use this code

          echo $form->input('city_id', array('options' => $city, 'class'=>'input_box2',
'empty' => 'Please select a city'), null, array('id' => 'city_id', 'label' => 'City'

I am able to insert one city id at a time,but i need to insert multiple city id with comma separator . I am useing the following code but it is not working.please help

        echo $form->input('city_id', array('options' => $city, 'type'=>'select','multiple'
=> 'true', 'empty' => 'Please select  city'), null, array('id' => 'city_id', 'label' => 'City'));** 
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You need to modify POST data in your controller:

in CakePHP 2.x

$city_ids = Set::extract('/YourModel/city_id', $this->request->data);        
$this->request->data['YourModel']['city_id'] = implode(",", $city_ids); 

in CakePHP 1.x

$city_ids = Set::extract('/YourModel/city_id', $this->data);        
$this->data['YourModel']['city_id'] = implode(",", $city_ids); 
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