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I have found this tutorial, which looks great, except the fact, that I have only "free subscription" option listed, when I enter in iTunes Connect and hit Manage In-App Purchase in my app... :/ I cannot see neither consumable nor non=consumable options :( Basically waht I want, is to upload free app with additional content, when bought via in-app purchase, but it is non-consumable, not subsciption... anybody?

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You need to setup the payment contracts within iTunesConnect.

Without these contracts you can not add any In-App purchases in iTunesConnect.

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thx, I solved this yesterday, but the same way as you're saying, so accept ;) – raistlin Apr 27 '12 at 9:47
I have the same. Just signed the contracts, but its validity seems to start tomorrow. Is that why i don't see Non-consumables yet? (only free subscription appears) – voghDev Aug 6 '14 at 10:50

The answer above was not clear to me what exactly I had to do. I will explain the steps here:

  1. Go to iTunes Connect home page (the one above Manage Your Applications). You should see Sales and Trends, Contract Tax and Banking....
  2. Choose Contracts Tax and Banking link
  3. In here You probable do not have any Master Agreements. I had 1 contract as a request. I clicked the Request button and it moved to the Master Agreements section (after filling in a form). The contract was in the category Contract in Process. This was enough to enable the other In-App purchase options on the In-App Purchase screen.

Hope this helps others.

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You both are right but you are still missing one thing, that only Admin Legal is allowed to do this not Admin. I spent few hours because Request button was missing when i was opening Contracts Tax and Banking link because I was added as Technical admin. And Request button was also missing in the itunesconnect account where I was added as Admin in my another itunesconnect account.

enter image description here

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