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I've a problem to set the innerText of a html element. Or better said I've a problem after I set the innerText of a html element, because the rest of the html document isn't available.. I can't get the elements after I set the innerText of the first html element..

The body looks like:

<body onload="LoadStamps();" oncontextmenu="showMenu(event);"> 

    <g:background id="flyoutBackground" src="../images/gadget_flyout.png">
        <div id="flyoutTitle" class="title" />
        <table id="content" class="zagTables">
                    <input type="hidden" id="calendar-inputField" />
                    <div id="navigation">
                        <div class="mitte">
                            <a href="javascript:void();" onmouseover="CursorClear();"><div id="btnDayBack" class="divButton" onclick="backOrForwardDate(-1);"></div></a>
                            <a href="javascript:void();" onmouseover="CursorClear();"><div id="btnCalendar" class="divButton">...</div></a>
                            <a href="javascript:void();" onmouseover="CursorClear();"><div id="btnDayForward" class="divButton" onclick="backOrForwardDate(1);"></div></a>

                    <div id="stamps" onclick="OnClick(event);" />

                    <div id="divButtonsNav">
                        <table id="tblDivButtonsNav">
                                     <a href="javascript:void();" ><div id="btnStamp" class="divButton" onclick="Stamp();"></div></a>
                                     <a href="javascript:void();" ><div id="btnAddMutation" class="divButton" onclick="ShowInsert();"></div></a>
                                     <a href="javascript:void();" ><div id="btnDeleteMutation" class="divButton" onclick="DeleteMutation();"></div></a>
                                     <a href="javascript:void();" ><div id="btnRefreshMutations" class="divButton" onclick="UpdateStamps();"></div></a>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        // Initialize calendar
            trigger: "btnCalendar",
            //inputField: "calendar-inputField",
            align: "BC",
            onSelect: function () {
                var date = Calendar.intToDate(this.selection.get());
            bottomBar: false


The function LoadStamps looks like: asdf

function LoadStamps() {
    var ret = mainGadget.UpdateStamps(selectedDate);

    document.getElementById("flyoutTitle").innerText = "whatever";

    document.getElementById("stamps").innerHTML = ret;

But after I set the flyoutTitle element I can't get the element stamps. I don't understand why. Can anyone help me?

Regards Marco


Finally I got it! It's so simple, but still hard to find :)

The both div's have to be declared with an ending div tag!! Don't close the tag like I did:

<div id="flyoutTitle" class="title" /> 

instead do it like that

<div id="flyoutTitle" class="title"></div>

an everything works fine!!

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please note that innerText isn't really cross browser compatible. – SiGanteng Apr 26 '12 at 12:19
Thanks for your reply.. I know it's not cross browser compatible. But this isn't really a problem because I know the browser is IE – user886091 Apr 26 '12 at 12:31

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