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I'm trying to write a reg exp that matches the following code in a JSP:

="<%= "Index: " + index %>"

However if I write it in a general manner expressions on the same line that match this end up being combined:

value="<%= "items[" + Index + "].selected" %>" id="<%= "Checkbox" + Index %>"

Can someone help me figure out the reg exp to recognise the value and id tags separately so that I can put a search replace in to replace the outer double quotes with single quotes please?

Thanks, Alexei Blue.

P.s. So far I have this which isn 't specific enough:

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If you want to match the whole "<% %>" element including quotes, no matter what's inside the tag (apart from %) I would use this regex:


You will probably need to escape the quotes in the code like this: \"

What it says is:

  • Match "<%
  • match everything that's not a %
  • match %>"


If you are specifically interested only in the elements which have double quotes inside - use this:

  • ([^%]*"){2}: match everything that's not % (optional) and a double quote - repeat twice
  • [^%]+: match any remaining characters
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Thanks Joanna, worked a treat :) very fast too –  Alexei Blue Apr 26 '12 at 13:45

You can try this:


the ? after + makes + match as less as possible.

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Thanks Gustavo, +1 for explaining the +? operation. –  Alexei Blue Apr 26 '12 at 13:45

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