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This is a script I got from devshed. It works great in Opera and others (not in IE). My question is: how does this script works without $_FILES['userfile']['name'] & $_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name']?

    class FileUploader
    private $uploadFile;
    private $name;
    private $tmp_name;
    private $type;
    private $size;
    private $error;
    private $allowedTypes=array

    public function __construct($uploadDir="./uploadfl/")
    throw new Exception('Invalid upload directory.');

    throw new Exception('Invalid number of file upload parameters.');

    foreach($_FILES['userfile'] as $key=>$value)

    throw new Exception('Invalid MIME type of target file.');


    // upload target file to specified location

    public function upload(){
    return true;


    //require_once 'fileuploader.php';
    $fileUploader=new FileUploader();
    echo 'Target file uploaded successfully!';
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did you mention enctype in form enctype= multipart/form-data – Rafee Apr 26 '12 at 13:36
yeah all that's okay ...this script works.. only wondering --- without $_FILEs['userfile']['name'] & $_FILEs['userfile']['tmp_name'] this part..iam new to oops so – jathin Apr 26 '12 at 13:48
@jathin check out… Much more cleaner n secure and dont throw exceptions, returns nice error messages – Lawrence Cherone Apr 26 '12 at 13:54
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To answer your question (How this script works without $_FILEs['userfile']['name'] & $_FILEs['userfile']['tmp_name']): It does work without it because the array keys are assigned as properties here:


So instead of $_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name'] it can now be referred to as


You've already got a reply as to why it might not work in all browsers.

Hope that helps, Stefan

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thanks mate...Yup...i'm surprised by the quick response here on stackoverflow.Thanks every body. – jathin Apr 26 '12 at 13:52

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