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I need to extend a plugin by overwriting a method and adding one of my own. So far I have followed Strictly Untyped's guide for this but I haven't had much success. Basically there is a file in the initializer folder that loads the extension from the lib directory.

In my initializers folder I have a file with this:

require 'amazon_extensions/question_generator_extendors.rb'
require 'amazon/webservices/mturk/question_generator.rb'

Amazon::WebServices::MTurk::QuestionGenerator.class_eval do
 include Amazon::QuestionGeneratorExtendors

Where I load the original class that I want to extend and then include my extension (Amazon::QuestionGeneratorExtendors)

Then in the lib/ directory I have a amazon_extensions folder that contains question_generator_extendors.rb:

module Amazon
  module QuestionGeneratorExtendors

    def self.included(base)
      base.class_eval {include InstanceMethods}

    module InstanceMethods
      def ask(*args)
        case @type
        when :Basic
          askBasic( args.join )
        when :Formatted
          askFormatted( args.join )

      def askFormatted(text)
        id = "FormattedQuestion#{@questions.size+1}"
        question = REXML::Element.new 'FormattedContent'

But when I try and run this it still will not recognize my changes. Any thoughts?

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Try swapping the require statements.

So instead of

require 'amazon_extensions/question_generator_extendors.rb'
require 'amazon/webservices/mturk/question_generator.rb'


require 'amazon/webservices/mturk/question_generator.rb'
require 'amazon_extensions/question_generator_extendors.rb'
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