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For example, if I do a destroy on a model and the server returns a 4xx/5xx, the error callback handler is called but the model is removed from the collection anyway. How I do prevent this from happening?

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Backbone is optimistic about this starting in v0.9. From the docs at http://backbonejs.org/#upgrading

Creating and destroying models is now optimistic. Pass {wait: true} if you need the previous behavior of waiting for the server to acknowledge success. You can now also pass {wait: true} to save calls.

So all you have to do is set the {wait: true} flag in your save:

myModel.save(null, {wait: true});

or in your delete:

myModel.destroy({wait: true})

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Thanks! I read that in the docs but I thought it'd just wait for a response from the server and then add/destroy. I realize now that would make little sense. I must have been tired! :) –  Cheenu Madan Apr 27 '12 at 10:32

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