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I have ios game, that is designed for iPod 4, iPhone 4.

I have no graphics for 320 x 460 resolution, but I want my app to be able to launch on iPad.

Is there some way to launch app on iPad at 960 x 640 resolution, at the center of the screen with automatical coordinates conversion?

Note: I use cocos2d.

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It may be more complicated than you may think.

If your app is not a Universal app but only a iPhone/iPod app, it will be 320 * 480 on iPad/iPad 2. On the New iPad, with Retina Display support, the app will be 640 * 960 automatically. Please refer to:

For jailbroken iPad/iPad 2, there is an app "RetinaPad" available in Cydia Store which enables them to run iPhone app in Retina mode.

A possible solution to your question come to my mind is to:

  1. Make your app universal.
  2. In + (id)scene method, create a "wrapper" CCLayer inside the CCScene, and add your own CCLayer into the "wrapper" layer instead of the scene.
  3. Set positionInPixel of your own layer according to the actual resolution of the device by [[CCDirector sharedDirector] winSizeInPixels] (possible values are 320*480, 640*960, 768*1024, or 1536*2048).
  4. Set scale of your own layer to 0.5 if the device is 320*480.

I don't have the requirement in your question so most likely I will not verify this approach... You may have a try if it's really what you want.

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Okay, I'll try it. Seems like it is an appropriate solution for me:) – Alexander Tkachenko Apr 26 '12 at 15:24

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