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I'm looking to write a single-page web application using RoR for the backend and Backbone (amongst other things) for the front-end. As with most things, the app will require the user to sign in (authentication easily handled with RoR and the database), but I'm confused as to how I would go about performing tasks with Backbone that require authentication. Because everything's client-side, it seems to me that I can't pass, for example, the user's ID to the backend as that'd be easy for somebody to discover.

Basically, how do I replicate a session-based authentication mechanism with Backbone?

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Maybe this post can help you User Authentication with Rails and Backbone.js


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You probably want to look into token authentication: How use token authentication with Rails, Devise and Backbone.js?

Basically, you send login data and receive an authentication token that you then use in all subsequent ajax calls.

Users discovering their token isn't really an issue: they can log in and have legitimate access to the information.

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