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Hey guys i build a AudioQueue for my game and somehow it doenst work, code:

handleAction: function ( src )
        var oAudio = document.getElementById('voice');

        if(this.lastSoundPlayed == undefined || src != this.lastSoundPlayed.src) // checks if there is an actual new sound incoming.
            var self  = this;
            oAudio.src = src; //sets the source
            oAudio.onloadeddata  =; // when loaded play the sound
            oAudio.onended = self.soundDone( self, oAudio ); //when the sound is finished fire the soundDone function

the soundDone() function:

soundDone: function( self , oAudio )
        console.log("Finished"); //logs that the sound is finished
        self.lastSoundPlayed = oAudio; //sets the lastSoundPlayed
        self.sendNotification(self.SC_ACTION_COMPLETE); //fires off a notification that the sound is finished (im using pureMVC)

well the actual problem is that he thinks that the sounds is instant finished. ive logged the duration of my sounds and there all NaN? i've checked that with console.log(oAudio.duration). i dont know why this is happening. i also have background music wich i play the same way as these sounds and with the background music is nothing wrong.

Someone can help me?

EDIT: this is the audio tag for my audio:

<audio id="voice" src="mySound.mp3" controls preload="auto" ></audio>
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What's returning NaN? – Larry Battle Apr 26 '12 at 14:49
the oAudio.duration return NaN. but i think it isnt fully loaded yet thats why... thank anyway! – Arjen van Heck Apr 26 '12 at 15:10
Could you add the code that returns NaN? I can't find oAudio.duration anywhere. – Larry Battle Apr 26 '12 at 18:12
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found it couple of weeks ago, the sounds wasnt fully loaded when i called it.

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