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I'm calling a WCF service in PHP which returns me this thing: (The service I'm calling returns a C# struct)

object(stdClass)#70 (1) {
    object(stdClass)#149 (5) {
        string(36) "bd346671-88ca-4966-971a-9dd499c7a689"
        string(36) "06a8808d-ed66-42f9-a821-00358213bb94"
        string(36) "d4845fd0-18fb-4a40-8424-904866cb471e"

Question is, how do I access the values? Those values are the true boolean and three guids.

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To get the result


To get the guids

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make link for easyer use in future,

$oResult = &$oStruct->SiteInterop_CreateContactAndOpportunityResult;

then go with

echo $oResult->strAccountId;

to get strAccountId value

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You could do (assuming $returnedObject is the returned object)

$strOpportunityId = $returnedObject
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