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For some queries with documentlist api (and also within UI) I get different results for this queries:

1. "single_word"
2. single_word

For example for this: 
"mody" - I receive 69 results 
 mody  -  I receive >200 results (many of them don't contains this word)

(This happens also for combination of words that contains this word. For example:
**"mody" company** and **mody company** returns different results)

Which is the difference between this searches? And how it is recommanded to search for best exact matches results? I don't want to receive results that contains only mod (for example) words.

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"mody" matches tokens exactly with only the characters m-o-d-y, and whitespace on either side. It only matches mody.

mody matches tokens containing the characters m-o-d-y. It would match mymody, mody, asdfmody, modyasdf, etc.

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The majority of results for mody query don't have tokens that contains m-o-d-y characters, they contains maximum m-o-d (without y) –  Alexandru Farcas May 23 '12 at 4:51

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