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I have created a printing service I want to integrate in a couple applications that require printing. All printing is done by the Jasper Reports library - some by using a jdbc data source and jasper templates (generated by iReport) and some by using a table model data source. To allow dynamic printing of JTables, I also use DynamicJasper in my service. The problem is as follows: I cannot find the appropriate JasperReports library version such that will work with both DynamicJasper 3.2.1 and iReport generated templates (which work with jasper reports 4.1.1). What Jasper Reports version can I use to make both the iReport generated jasper files and the Dynamic Jasper 3.2.1 work together?

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As you can see from the pom.xml for the DynamicJasper v. 3.2.1, this library contains this dependency:


This means that DJ 3.2.1 supports (official support) JasperReports 3.x version.

The new version of DJ API will support JR 4.1+.

For more info you can read this two posts on DJ support forum: Won't work with JasperReports 4.1.1 - ID: 3394896 & JasperReports version.

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