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I'm writing a utility in C#.NET that accesses an .MDB file and retrieves shipping records, which have fields of type Date/Time (values in the database are stored in MM/dd/yyyy format).

The query below returns a valid result:

SELECT Req_Ship, Actual_Ship
FROM Operations
WHERE Received BETWEEN #date1# AND #date2#;

(where date1 and date2 are arbitrary dates in MM/dd/yyyy format; Req_Ship, Actual_Ship, and Received are all of Access type Date/Time in Operations).

I have several other queries in a similar structure as the one above. However, not all of the standard comparison operators work.

These comparison operators return a valid result:


However, these comparison operators throw an Exception, with the error message "Specified cast is not valid."


Is my query syntax incorrect, or are these operators just incompatible with Access Date/Time values? If there is a way to use these comparison operators or another equivalent with Date/Time values, it would make writing this utility a lot easier.

Thanks in advance for the help,


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Turns out I was improperly handling null values from the database - it was only by coincidence that only those operators didn't work. They all work fine with Date/Time. Question closed. –  Maximilian Apr 26 '12 at 14:39