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Has anyone figured out how to leverage Common.Logging to set the EventLog ID when wrapping NLog? I have it working beautifully under NLog, but had trouble figuring out how to do it with Common.Logging. Note that I can also use Common.Logging with NLog as long as I don't need to set the EventLog ID, but that isn't helpful.

I saw the SO article here, but was unsure of how to implement the suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

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This might be old for the original question, but I found this SO Thread to work. It describes how to correctly wrap NLog. Adding the info here as I landed here while searching for the keywords Common.Logging and event log.

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According to the Common.Logging website (near the bottom under Release Schedule), they mention upcoming support for Logging Context in the next release. I take that to mean that it is not yet supported.

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