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def add
    if params[:note_add] == "Add"
      Note.create({:user_id => @user["id"], :note_type => params[:type], :text => params[:note_text], :lng => params[:lng], :lat => params[:lat]})

I am new on Ruby on Rails and I am trying to get data from database. How could i do it?

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If you are using a relation DB like MySQL, Postgres or other you should use Active Record that RoR brings. It's a ORM and provides plenty of functionalities for interacting with DB, and it seems your are already using it. For querying data check this page on the guides.

Some examples

Note.find(1) #get note with id=1
Note.find_by_note_type("sometype") #gets first found with note_type="sometype" (I think so)
Note.where("note_type = ?", "sometype") #gets all notes that have note_type="sometype"
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There are many ways to do this... You can look at it is source of rails cast. There you can see how easily generate CRUD operations with your data with scaffold. It will help you to understand main idea of Rails.

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Note.find() or Note.all

Assuming you've already created the Note model. Try it out in the console rails console

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