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I need to create a search request excel view plugin where the output is a list of issues under certain headings which are grouped by Issue Type. So far I have a plugin module project etc, so what I need help with is the velocity macro/template for such an output

As far as I can tell I need to create my own macro for issues, where I order the issues by accessing $issue.issueType.name and use this macro in issue-table-issue.vm

I am completely new to JIRA and plugin development so could anybody advise me about how to create a velocity macro for an excel layout in the form:


table headings here

issues here


table headings here

issues here


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That is not easy at all. The default excel view does only one loop on issues. In you case, you should do a first loop per issue type to generate your header and then a second loop to render issues for the concerned type.

I invite you to look at the following JIRA sources:

  1. com.atlassian.jira.issue.views.SearchRequestPrintableView as a start point to learn how you can replace Velocity rendering by your loop logic.

  2. com.atlassian.jira.issue.views.AbstractSearchRequestExcelView to reuse issue rendering and apply your loop logic there, which should be more complex than in step 1.

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May be this book will be helpful to you: "JIRA 5.x Development Cookbook" by Jobin Kuruvilla

Excel reports described in Chapter 5.

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