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there's something i couldn't understand with DateTime.ToOaDate().

here's what i have

var plainDate = "01/07/2011";
var dateTime1 = DateTime.Parse(plainDate, new CultureInfo("en-GB"));
var value = dateTime1.ToOADate();
var dateTime2 = DateTime.Parse(DateTime.FromOADate(value).ToString(), new CultureInfo("en-GB"));

dateTime1 and dateTime2 should be the same, right? i only converted plain date into ticks and then recovered it as DateTime with the same culture,, but actually when i run it dateTime2 has the value of (7-Jan-2011) instead of (1-Jul-2011)

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This has nothing to do with ToOADate(). Remove the value line and just use DateTime.Parse(dateTime1.ToString(), new CultureInfo(...)) and you'll see exactly the same effect. It's the string conversions which are causing the problem, not ToOADate and FromOADate... –  Jon Skeet Apr 26 '12 at 16:17

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I think it's because your call to ToString does not specify the culture info.

Try ToString(new CultureInfo("en-GB")) as well.

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yes now it's identical.. many thanx :) –  user1353726 Apr 26 '12 at 16:16

When you do DateTime.Parse, you are specifying the format you expect the incoming date to be in.

When you do ToString(), you are specifying that the current culture should be used to format the date.

Here, I guess your Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.DateTimeFormat is returning a US format. Hence, DateTime.FromOADate(value).ToString() returns 07/01/2011, when you then parse this using en-GB, it returns the 7th of January.

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