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I am new to joomlah . So far I have acomplished the following :
1. I have installed it on wamp server.
2. I have created a fewe articles.
3. I have created another schema on the database that comes with a wamp.

Now, I need to do two things and I wonder what is the best practice
1. Create a template article that will display data in a format
2. Load the data from the DB.

Since a lot of the answers to this question refer to older versions or 2009 answers I wonder what is the reccomended way to do it today.
(Should I do it with PHP? is there a recommended pluggin? )

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You have 2 choices either:

  1. Using this tutorial create a custom component (components are the extension type responsible for displaying content in Joomla's main area)

  2. Look through the Joomla! Extension Directory (JED) for an existing solution - probably start with the "Tables & Lists" category.

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I have used Table JX extension for a few years now. It is commercial, though but I think it is worth its money. It has a pretty simple user interface and you can do the basic stuff like to show a database table in an article just by clicking.

Their webpage is not the best, but the demo is quite informative:

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