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I was wandering if can we safely use Less Css for .NET in a ASP.NET MVC applications.

Does it have critical drawbacks / disvantages that designers and developers should be aware?

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I am a developer on dotless and I think it has advantages..

Here are a list of differences between less.js and dotless. Most are positive differences.


I would also suggest you have a look at our open issues list if you have any concerns.


and regarding MVC we support upto asp 3.5. For 4.5 we have an open bug to support it and in that bug a gist for using it in MVC 4.5.

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MVC in ASP.NET 4.5 that is.. It works like a charm with the current MVC.. –  Tigraine Apr 29 '12 at 14:39

Yes, you can safely use .less{} with ASP.NET MVC Applications. It is registered in your web.config as a handler for .less files which aren't handled by MVC so can be safely routed to the appropriate handler.

You could also do a quick search of Google for "dotless mvc". There are several blogs that explain how to properly configure your application to use .less{}.

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