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I have the following code

    var record = form.getRecord();
    var values = form.getValues();
   // record.data.DeliveryFrom = "test1";
    record.set('DeliveryFrom', 'test2');

I wish to override the property DeliveryFrom after i get the values from my form. However i when i view the results in firebug DeliveryFrom is null. You will see above i tried 2 different ways to set this value.

I'm using extjs 4.1

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take a look at this... stackoverflow.com/questions/11762050/… – MacGyver Aug 27 '12 at 23:17

This should work (assuming that form its Ext.form.Basic) if not (if its Ext.form.Panel), then use form.getForm():

var record = form.getRecord();
form.updateRecord(record); //We use update record, its almost the same as you were using but in just one call
record.beginEdit(); //Put the record in edit mode
record.set( 'DeliveryFrom', 'test2');
record.endEdit(); //End editing the record and commit changes
record.save(); //Commit changes to backend
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