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I have two tables, samples

sample_id   status  member_id
1           pass    2
2           pending 2
3           pending 2
4           pending 1

and votes

vote_id sample_id   member_id
1           1           1
2           1           1
3           1           5
4           2           2

Both samples.sample_id and votes.vote_id are autoincrementing and samples.member_id and votes.member_id should be joined where samples.member_id=someUserId.

I would like to return a result set of samples.sample_id where

  1. samples.status is pending
  2. The samples.member_id did not submit a sample
  3. The votes.member_id has not voted for a sample

example 1

For example, if the member_id is 1, the result set should be


Since samples.status where samples.sample_id = 1 is not pending, and samples.member_id submitted samples.sample_id 4.

example 2

If the member_id is 2, the result set should be


Since samples.member_id has submitted samples.sample_id 1-3.

example 3

If the member_id is 3, the result set should be


Since samples.status where samples.sample_id = 1 is not pending

EDIT Of the three conditions that have to be met, I can meet the first one with the following

SELECT * FROM samples
LEFT OUTER JOIN votes on samples.sample_id = votes.vote_id
WHERE samples.status='pending'

But I am struggling meeting the other two conditions

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In example 3, why the sample 1 with status = 'pass' is returned? –  Quassnoi Apr 26 '12 at 16:50
@Quassnoi changed, thanks for looking out –  user784637 Apr 26 '12 at 16:51

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SELECT  sample_id
FROM    samples
WHERE   status = 'pending'
        AND member_id <> $someUserId
        AND sample_id NOT IN
        SELECT  sample_id
        FROM    votes
        WHERE   member_id = $someUserId
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