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How can I use a masterpage method to modify a masterpage control from a contentpage event handler? This is all .Net w/ VB.Net

I have a literal control in the masterpage that contains tracking code. The content page has two updatepanels that control flow through a sign-up form. The event handler of the button in the content page's updatepanel 1 has to change the text in the masterpage literal to signal a conversion.

  • With PageLoad on a separate confirmation page (showing that the masterpage method used does in fact work correctly): Using a masterpage method, I can change the literal with a masterpage property on page load: myMaster.myProperty = myValue. Which in the masterpage property says Set myLiteral.Text = GetTheRightText(value) End Set
  • With content page UpdatePanels: By simple assignment I can change the literal thusly: myMaster.myUpdatePanelPropertyOrMethod = myValue Which in the masterpage method or property says myLiteral.Text = value, myUpdatePanel.Update
  • With UpdatePanels: anything with the masterpage method results in an empty updatepanel: myLiteral.Text = GetTheRightText(value), myUpdatePanel.Update comes up empty.
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Hmmm.. this is a really good question, I too would really value an answer. –  Atticus May 3 '12 at 21:02

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This is way late, but I just found an option, as I was looking for something similar.

Create the logic you need to manipulate the Site.Master, then call your sub/function from the content page.

In your Site.Master page

public sub DoWork()
'some logic here
End Sub

Then in your content page, where ever you need to "do work" place this....

TryCast(Me.Master, SiteMaster).DoWork()

Hope this helps you, or someone!

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