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I have an object called Guy which has an attribute girlfriends type Key[]

Given a list of Longs which are the Girl's ids I want to query all the Guy's which have any of these girls as girlfriend.

For example (Guy: gilfriends):

 LuckyGuy: {a,b,c}
 Guy1: {b}
 Guy2: {c}

I want g such as:

 g({a,b}) = LuckyGuy, Guy1
 g({c})) = LuckyGuy, Guy2

I could make a loop:

        objectifyFactory.begin().load().type(User.class).filter("girlfriends", girlfriendId[i])

But I'm sure there is a direct strategy.

Any idea?

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The datastore does not support 'or' queries. You will need to query for each of the 'girlfriend' IDs separately, and combine the result sets.

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