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Im using IBM Rational Rhapsody 7.6 for UML modeling. Iv'e created class diagrams, use cases, sequence diagrams and i want to export it to some kind of image or PDF or something, anything that is viewable in a nice way will do.

I found the export to report under "Tools" but then you get a rich text file with a super odd format and the class diagrams will be cut up in the middle to fit the A4 pages.

So how to export to an image from IBM Rational Rhapsody, UML modeling.

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If you just want to export a single diagram, right click on diagram and select "Export Diagram Image" and there you go.
If you want to have a model with many diagrams exported at once, you can try the HTML output via Reporter Plus (built into Rhapsody), or for more features you can try Rational Publishing Engine (additional licenses might be required).

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