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Recently a bunch of renaming changes were made into a folder that I checked out a while ago. Once I updated all of the renaming changes, I am having a problem of not being able to commit anything. It says the following:

enter image description here

I am able to read, write, and update new files. I just cannot commit.

I think I tried almost everything - doing a cleanup, deleting and rechecking out the folder...

I have googled this problem and someone mentioned a case-sensitive issue when checking out the repository, but I am sure I have the svn repository url correct. Note that everything was working (commits and all) before the whole renaming changes.

Does anyone have any clues ?


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If you have access to the server hosting your SVN repository, check to see if you have permission to the write to the folder you checked out. If not, you should contact the administrator of the repository and have them verify your access permissions. –  Bernard Apr 26 '12 at 18:30
Are you using file:// as a Subversion URL by any chance? –  David W. Dec 4 '12 at 15:00

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I had the same problem. It occurred when I was adding a new User Group to one of the Repositories. I accidently set set my highest UserGroup to Read-Only, without realising I was in it. I ended up being unable to suddenly commit any file or creating any new folder, because of the way SVN access works.

First make sure you'r URL exactly matches the Repository, that seems to be the most common problem, then read this and check your access as Bernard suggested.


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Had exactly the same issue. I was in two user groups. one that had read only and the second one that had read/write. The second groups was permissioned at the root of the repo and the more restricted group was permissioned below that. This error message sums it up correctly. The server decided you don't have write permissions. –  Peter Schuetze Jan 9 at 17:01

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