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i'm loading a post with ajax. The code is


    loadPostsFun = function(){
            url: "",
            //url: "/random/",
            success: function(response){
                $("#randomPost").html( response );
        return false;

The response is generated by a custom template with this code:

    $args = array( 'numberposts' => 1, 'orderby' => 'date' );
    $rand_posts = get_posts( $args );
    foreach( $rand_posts as $post ) :  setup_postdata($post);

    <div id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>" <?php post_class(); ?>>
      <?php if ( is_front_page() ) { ?>
        <h2 class="entry-title"><?php the_title(); ?></h2>
        <?php } else { ?>
          <h1 class="entry-title"><?php the_title(); ?></h1>
        <?php } ?>

         <div class="entry-content">
          <?php the_content(); ?>
          <?php wp_link_pages( array( 'before' => '<div class="page-link">' . __( 'Pages:', 'twentyten' ), 'after' => '</div>' ) ); ?>
        <?php comments_popup_link(__('Comments (0)'), __('Comments (1)'), __('Comments (%)')); ?>
        </div><!-- .entry-content -->
      </div><!-- #post-## -->


        //comments_template( '', true ); //this doesn't work
        //wp_list_comments(''); //this doesn't work

<?php endforeach; ?>

The ajax request works but the comments doesn't show.All the post data is there. How can i show the comments?

neither comments_template or wp_list_comments work.

You can view a demo or download the template sample i've done here

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comment_form() will only show the input fields to submit a new comment, not any previous comments, so that's working as it should. Do you get any output from print_r( get_comments( array('post_id' => $post->ID) ) );? – thv20 Apr 26 '12 at 22:38
thv20, the problem wasn't in comment_form.The problem was the comments not showing.get_comments returns the correct data.I used it in my first approach but i had some problems getting all the info(reply link, classes...) – Oterox Apr 27 '12 at 7:33

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Without much tweaking wp_list_comments() works in a comments template (usually comments.php) only.

Use get_comments(), pass the post ID as parameter:

$comments = get_comments(array ( 'post_id' =>  $post->ID );
if ( $comments )
    foreach ( $comments as $comment )
        print "<li>$comment->comment_author<br>$comment->comment_content</li>";
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toscho, i tried that before and it worked but i had some problems creating the reply links and doing some format, like classes for even, odd, etc.That was my first approach and works too. – Oterox Apr 27 '12 at 7:30
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i've found the problem, i forgot to set the global variable:

global $withcomments;

i was using

$withcomments = true; 

but without the global it didn't work.

Now works like normal comments do.

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