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can I do this with the standard SQL or I need to create a function for the following problem?

I have 14 columns, which represent 2 properties of 7 consecutive objects (the order from 1 to 7 is important), so table.object1prop1, ...,table.object1prop7,table.objects2prop2, ..., table.objects2prop7.

I need compute the minimum value of the property 2 of the 7 objects that have smaller values than a specific threshold for property 1. The values of the property 1 of the 7 objects take values on a ascending arithmetic scale. So property 1 of the object 1 will ever be smaller than property 2 of the objects 1.

Thanks in advance for any clue!

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This would be easier if the data were normalized. (Hint, any time you find a column name with a number in it, you are looking at a big red flag that the schema is not in 3rd normal form.) With the table as you describe, it will take a fair amount of code, but the greatest() and least() functions might be your best friends.


If I had to write code for this, I would probably feed the values into a CTE and work from there.

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Hi, thanks. I know about the greatest() and lest(), but the main problem is to merge them do do the job. So, probably I need to write a function. I will take a look at the CTE and try to understand it. – Mihai Niculita Apr 26 '12 at 20:37

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