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Possible Duplicate:
Starting iPhone app development in Linux?
Development of iPhone application in linux
Alternatives For iOS Development Under Windows

I want to learn how to build iOS apps but I dont really have a Mac with me, (but I can use one for testing and stuff). So is there any alternative for Xcode IDE in linux(ubuntu-debain) or windows that could be used to get some sort of similar environment as Xcode ?

I know that we can run Mac in VM, but I dont want to use that(its slow,sluggish and painful to use).

Also If you guys happen to know how to compile Objective-C code on Linux,pls share !

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gcc will compile files ending in .m as Objective-C by default, I believe, but that doesn't really give you what you need to build iOS apps on Linux. – sblom Apr 26 '12 at 18:20
Actually in that question, the person is asking for alternatives of iOS SDK, but here I want to use iOS SDK only ! – Harshit Syal Apr 26 '12 at 18:23

I compiled a 4.2 version of the GNU toolchain for 64-bit linux.

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The iOS SDK is only available with Xcode, which is only available to use on a Mac. So while you can certainly compile Objective-C with gcc on other platforms, you won't be able to compile and link code that uses any iOS SDK APIs on anything but a Mac.

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