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I'm trying to load a collection using the @Loader annotation and @NamedQuery and does not work. If I use @NamedNativeQuery if it works, I need to use @NamedQuery because the query I use this in HQL. The query uses polymorphism therefore I have no other option than using @NamedQuery.


@NamedQuery(name = "loadFacade", query = "FROM Facade WHERE contact_id = ?")
@Table(name = "Contact")
public class Contact extends Atom {

   @Loader(namedQuery = "loadFacade")
   @JoinColumn(name = "atom_id")
   private List<Atom> facades;


this configuration always throws the error:

Named SQL query not known: loadFacade

¿ Is possible use annotation @Loader with @NamedQuery annotation ?

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You must be really lucky if you could get away with using NamedQuery in @Loader. Here is another issue regarding this in the open status in Hibernate JIRA.

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