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I have the following function:

function createTabs( selectorText, selected ) {
    var tabs = $( selectorText ).tabs();        
    if( selectorText == '#content .tabs' ) {
        contentTabs = tabs;
        $( selectorText ).unbind( 'tabsselect' ).bind( 'tabsselect', function( event, ui ) {            
            var queryNumber = $( ).data('query_number');
            if( queryNumber ) {
                $( ui.panel ).html( '<table id="table"></table>' )
                var table = $( ui.panel ).find( 'table' );
                populateFlexigrid( table, queryNumber );

    if( !selected ) {
        selected = 0;
        tabs.tabs( 'select', 0 )
    tabs.tabs( 'select', selected );

In the if statement at the end of the function I am setting the selected tab to whatever tab should be selected. When entering into this if statement the tab that is selected is always 0 because the tabs have just been created. So my problem is that I'm trying to select a tab that is already selected. This means the function I bound to that tab isn't executing.

Is there any way I can force the tab to be selected or for the tabsselect event on that tab so my bound function runs?

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I don't like this solution, but it is working. If anyone has a better way please post it.

var selectedTab = $tabs.tabs('option', 'selected');
$tabs.find('li').eq(selectedTab).removeClass('ui-tabs-selected').end().tabs('select', selectedTab);
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Better way posted. :) – pete May 2 '12 at 13:37
Hey, sorry about the vote to your question earlier. It's not meant to be offensive. Just thought it would steer you in the right direction. Have a +1. – Joe May 15 '12 at 19:19
@JoeTuskan Haha, you are a scholar and a gentleman! I care too much about points (and I don't have many)... so downvotes hurt. You did steer me in the right direction though. I did look through the related questions before I posted, I just missed that one some how :( – ubiquibacon May 15 '12 at 19:35

Try adding tabs.trigger('tabsselect'); after selecting the tab.


Sorry about the delay on this, but I finally found some time to work on this.

Try re-writing the "tabsselect" function as a named function (not anonymous), that way you can call it anytime you want to use it (after constructing the ui parameter that the event provides). Example code below (and working fiddle):

function tabSelected(event, ui) {
    var queryNumber = $('query_number');
    var table = $(ui.panel).find('table');
    console.log('Tab ' + ui.index + ' "tabsselect" event triggered.');
    if (queryNumber) {
        $(ui.panel).html('<table id="table"></table>');
        populateFlexigrid(table, queryNumber);

function createTabs(selectorText, selected) {
    var tabs = $(selectorText).tabs();
    var tab = null;
    var panel = null;
    var ui = {
        "index": 0,
        "panel": tab,
        "tab": panel

    if (selectorText == '#content .tabs') {
        contentTabs = tabs;
        $(selectorText).unbind('tabsselect').bind('tabsselect', tabSelected);

    if (!selected) {
        selected = 0;
        tabs.tabs('select', 0);

    //create the ui parameter
    ui.index = selected; = $(tabs.children('ul:first').children('li')[selected]).children('a')[0];
    ui.panel = tabs.children('div')[selected];

    //run the "tabsselect" function
    tabSelected(null, ui);
createTabs('#content .tabs', 0);​
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Nope, No dice :( – ubiquibacon Apr 26 '12 at 19:12

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