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Not sure how to do this, or even if it can be done. I need to write a function that listens to a queue and fires when something is popped from it.

So basically: Push object to queue Consumer pops object from queue ** some function then says, "'object' has been popped from queue"

Is this something that can be done w/ Rabbit?

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Where is this function supposedly going to be fired? In the producer or in the consumer's process? – Brian Kelly Apr 26 '12 at 22:35

I am going to presume that you mean that you want to inform the producer that the consumer has consumed a message from the queue. I will add that I think you may have misunderstood the MQ concept here and either you need to use a RPC method, which can be done with RabbitMQ, or you need to redesign your system . However what you require is possible.

I would use in a loop in a thread in the producer:

`GetResponse gr = channel.basicGet(queueName, false);`

use false so that the the next message is not popped off the queue. then

`int msgCount = gr.getMessageCount();`

will give you the number of messages on the queue. Sleep afterwards for a short amount of time then check again. This will be very difficult if the producer is sending a large amount of messages to the queue. But if you increment a total of messages sent to the queue and remove the messages you know have been consumed this will give you and idea if the messages have been consumed or not.

I am not 100% that this will be problem free, and I will reiterate that I think something is wrong with your design by attempting this.

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After reviewing my plans, I realized I came up w/ the wrong approach. I'm having my consumer post back a message to my program saying this particular message has been read. This follows more of the queue concept.

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