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I'm using elasticsearch and i was trying to handle the case when the database is empty

public <M extends Model> SearchResults<M> findPage(int page, String search, String searchFields, String orderBy, String order, String where) {
    BoolQueryBuilder qb = buildQueryBuilder(search, searchFields, where);           
    Query<M> query = (Query<M>) ElasticSearch.query(qb, entityClass);
    // FIXME Currently we ignore the orderBy and order fields
    query.from((page - 1) * getPageSize()).size(getPageSize());
    return query.fetch();   

the error at return query.fetch();

i'm trying to implement a try and catch statement but it's not working, any one can help with this please?

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Well, try and catch with NullPointerException doesn't seem smart. Maybe you can post the stacktrace? And maybe change the title to something more meaningful? "How to handle null pointer exceptions in elasticsearch" is just funny. – javanna Apr 27 '12 at 7:58
Shouldn't the easiest way just be to check if the return is null before you return it? – Marcus Granström May 24 '13 at 13:40

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