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We currently have a big project that consists of the following layers:

  • MS SQL Server database
  • Microsoft RIA WCF Service layer
  • IIS and
  • ExtJS web application

Everything works more or less. The only my concern is I think second layer is a bit over kill and over complicated for what we have on the front end - the whole task for it is to generate JSON messages with the data from the database. This structure was chosen because originally we were planning to use Silverlight as a front end (thank God! we decide to drop it in the favor of ExtJs btw).

Now I have couple other web projects on the horizon and I'm wondering if dropping this second layer (RIA WCF) is the right choice. What are my other options if I decide to stick with MSSQL/IIS/ExtJs? If somebody had experience with something else I would appreciate any feedback. Any links would be very helpful too.

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You cannot simply "drop it" as a web page cannot connect directly to SQL server. You need something that bridges the HTTP protocol, which the webpage can send, with the T-SQL protocol, which SQL server can receive. That something is currently a WCF layer. If you want to drop WCF you need to consider other alternatives, and to do that you need to get clear about why you're considering droppoing WCF, and what advantages might be available in other frameworks. I will make one suggestion: ASPNET MVC. Very simple and easy to use, works with IIS and SQL, speaks JSON fluently. –  Cheeso Apr 26 '12 at 19:58
You're correct. I would need something else. That's the question basically. So what are or are there other alternatives? –  sha Apr 26 '12 at 20:01
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You should look at Entity Framework and MVC. Entity Framework is useful for mapping your SQL Database into business objects that can be handled via MVC and displayed using ExtJs and the Razor view engine.

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