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I am working on my first Zend Framework Project and struggle with Zend Navigation and creating Breadcrumbs. My Naviagtion is actually Categories and Subcategories and nothing else.

I do get my Categories and Subcategories shown and also the Breadcrumb works, but only as far as when I get on the Post Detail Page, because than the breadcrumb diassapears and shows nothing anymore.

so it will show "You are here: Maincategory1 > Subcategory2 on this page it would show me all the Posts for Subcategory2. When I than click on a Post and I see the detailed post, the breadcrumb is gone. I am sure thats a know issue. Can someone point me into a direction of what might be wrong and what I should read or what I should look for?

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I suspect that the detailed page URL is not in your navigation –  brady.vitrano Apr 27 '12 at 0:59
That is true. In my Navigation are only the Categories and Subcategories. I read them from a Database and add them into a Navigation Container inside a Plugin. How should I do it instead? Does it mean I should somewhere add all the other Pages to that container to be able to display it? But would that not mean that in between my Category Navigation I suddenly get a Point called "About Us" for example? –  Luka Apr 27 '12 at 8:30
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