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I often navigate in vim by f x to find next occurrence of character 'x', but overlook that there is a word (or more words) containing 'x' in between the word I want to edit and the beginning cursor position.

So i have to f x again, which is kind of annoying since there is this nice button ., which does repeat the last command. So is there a way to repeat f x with a single button press.

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The command to repeat an f is ; (semicolon); , (comma) reverses the direction of the search.

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uuh you're fast - can't accept it yet! thanks a lot! – epsilonhalbe Apr 26 '12 at 20:02
You beat me to it :) . – Michael Goldshteyn Apr 26 '12 at 20:03
Is there a useful reason you can't use . for this? That was the command I expected to work. – Daniel Kaplan Mar 20 at 22:58
@DanielKaplan It makes sense to map the novement, i.e. the search for a character (f and ;), to a different character than the repetition of an edit (.). This allows you to do fast searches and changes to the search results. If you want to replace some + in a line with * you could do something like this (skipping some characters and replacing others): f+r*;.;;.;.;;;. – Marcus Krahl Jul 29 at 13:29

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